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We are always very pleased to hear from people and groups who have benefited from a donation as to how the money has helped them. Here are a few testimonials which we would like to share with you.

City Hospital, Birmingham Accident
& Emergency Department.

Karen Mitchell, Senior Nurse Manager

The scanner has made a vast difference in the treatment of patients brought into A&E with abdominal and chest trauma. Severe injuries to the abdomen and /or chest can be life threatening and as such time and a precise information regarding the patients injuries are vital.

Before having the portable ultra machine patients who were stable enough would have been taken to another department to have a scan. Depending on the time of day this could take anything up to an hour. Patients too critical to be moved would have had no option but be taken to theatre for an exploratory operation.

With the new machine patients are treated at their bedside in the A&E department. Within 5 minutes the machine will detect and locate the source of internal bleeding, this cannot be detected through normal external examinations.

"With critically ill patients delays of 30 to 40 minutes can be fatal.
In these cases in particular the machine has been an invaluable piece of equipment"

The machine has also been of tremendous use in other types of patients, as it makes it very easy to quickly detect pregnancies, check for fluid in the abdomen and detect clots and abnormalities in blood vessels. This provides us with invaluable assistance in determining patient diagnosis at point of arrival, enabling us to deliver appropriate management in a timely manner.

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