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City Hospital, Dudley Road, Birmingham.

Ultra Sound Portable Scanner donated by Rosie's Helping HandsWe gave a donation of £42,000 to City hospital Accident
& Emergency Department and Theatres Department as this was the hospital Rosie was taken to following the stabbing. We are very grateful to the staff who worked so hard so try
to save Rosie and we believed Rosie would have wanted to
thank them in some way.

The donation initially brought the following items:-

A thoracotomy pack to keep the chest area open in cases
of trauma

An ultra sound portable scanner to detect internal bleeding and main
arteries in cases of trauma. This was the first portable
scanner to be used outside the London teaching hospitals.

Training for 3 Accident & Emergency nurses to complete Paediatric Advanced Life Support course.

The donation continues to help the hospital with specialised training of medical staff.

City Hosptial very kindly named a new theatre suite in memory of Rosie in 2003.

Institute of Cancer Studies, University of Birmingham, West Midlands

Microscope donated by Rosie's Helping HandsWe chose the University of Birmingham, Institute of Cancer Studies to benefit from a donation as we wanted to make a difference locally in research into cancer. By visiting the University and meeting with Professor Young we have also been able to see what the donation has bought and how it is being used. Our visits to the Institute with Professor Young are very interesting and we have always left feeling hopeful, very positive and enthusiastic about the research they are involved in. We are very proud and delighted to be able to help in some small but significant way.

In 2002 the Institute received a donation for £15,000 to enable them to purchase a microscope with a digital camera. Professor Lawrence Young has kindly supplied us with an update on how the microscope has helped in the research work undertaken at the University and also included some photos taken with the equipment.

As Rosie supported Cancer Research we thought it appropriate, being the 5th anniversary and what would have been her 21st birthday year, to make another donation to the University of Birmingham. The donation would help towards the cost of a Microarray analysis machine. Professor Lawrence Young explains how the machine works and the benefits to patients. The photos show the present machine.

To view Professor Lawrences' information please click here.

For more information about the Institute of Cancer Studies please visit their website at:

New Scanner for Walsall Manor Hospital

New Scanner donated by Rosie's Helping HandsDuring 2005 some of the money raised was for Walsall Manor Hospital to purchase a portable ultra sound scanner for the Accident & Emergency Department at a cost of £20,000. We are very pleased to announce that the scanner was
delivered in February 2006 and is now in use in
the department. Pictured below is the scanner,
it is used to detect arteries so that drugs can be administered quickly and accurately in cases of trauma.

It can also detect internal bleeding and foreign objects in wounds. The scanner has already helped one patient by detecting a significant problem, which enabled the patient to be transferred to a specialist hospital and begin treatment.
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